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Food and Jaundice

Three Basic Tips for the Jaundice patient.

1. Most Important is not to take oily and spicy food.

2. Take rest as much as one can and drink water at least 3 liter a day.

3. Eat abundance of green leafy vegetables and juice.

List of food items to be taken

Tomatoes- Fresh juice of tomato with a little addition salt and pepper to taste in the early morning is helpful.

Lemon- Lemon protects the damaged liver cells and it should be taken 20 ml with water.

Radish- Radish leaves to be pounded to get the juices of the leaves can be taken by an adult suffering from it on daily basis. It will keep the bowel movement regular.

Sugarcane- A glass of sugarcane is very effective but one has to make sure that it has to be properly cleaned.

Barley- Barley water is very much helpful and should be taken throughout the day. Barleys gets easily digested by the liver.

Beet leaves- Juices of beet leaves helps in functioning of liver always mix the beet leaves juice with the boiling water and take twice a day.

Basil Leaves- Squeeze 10 to 15 basil leaves and mix it with half glass of radish juice. It is very helpful and taken be taken for 3 weeks on daily basis.

Amla- It is very helpful for the jaundice patient as it contains vitamin C.

Orange Juice- Patient should take orange juice as it keeps the bowel movement normal.

Turmeric- A pinch of Turmeric powder to be added with a glass of warm water and can be take three to four times day.

Snake Gourd- Juice of 10 snake gourd leaves can be made by boiling it with one glass of water, then separately boiling a tablespoon coriander leaves and mixing together to make a syrup. It can be take in three part during the day.

Grapes, Sweet Potatoes and soya beans are helpful the person suffering from jaundice.

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